The village


The coastline of Sesimbra has the best fish and seafood in the world. Fished exclusively by artisanal methods, they are handled carefully by experienced hands, whose knowledge passed from generation to generation.

But Sesimbra is not just fish. Surround the village stretches a vast territory with small farms, many of them family and scarcely industrialized, still used artisanal methods in the production of their products. The Azoia’s cheese, the honey, the biological vegetables and fruits, the regional pastries, where we refer our “farinha torrada”.  Just few kilometres is Azeitão, with the internationally award-winning cheese, the famous pies and the excellent wines, also arrived from Palmela and Setúbal’s region, which produces the internationally award-winning “the best Muscatel wine of the world”.

The municipally of Sesimbra has unique characteristics that provide a wide and varied range of nature activities such as boating or jeep rides, cycling, walking tours, snorkelling or sport fishing, canoeing and radical activities such as surfing or climbing.

These activities can be practiced in the village, at the mouth of the Sado River, in the Serra da Arrábida, Cape Espichel, Lagoa de Albufeira, Meco’s beach, as well as in other sites that are part of natural landscape of Sesimbra.

In terms of built heritage stand out among many others the Sesimbra’s Castle and the Santiago’s Fortress. As for traditions highlight the Xávega Art, a type of trawling made from earth, with occurs in the Sesimbra’s Bay and Moinho de Baixo’s beach, in Aldeia do Meco.

The cultural program provides a constant and diverse array of events in the Sesimbra’s village, ranging from Cineteatro Municipal João Mota, the exhibitions at the Santiago’s Fortress to the street Carnival events.

Sesimbra is fish and much more,

Sesimbra waits for you!